New Album! Black Rain

A year after Fiallos’ debut album, Into The Light, comes the follow up album: Black Rain.

The album dropped on December 23rd, something which R.A. is proud of:

“I set a goal for myself to produce a yearly album or at least have some consistency in my releases, so I’m glad I was able to get it done before the end of 2021.  My goal now is to produce another one before the end of next year–but of course, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Right now, I’m just really happy that I was able to release Black Rain to the world.”

When asked to comment on the differences between his first 2 albums, he said the following:

“Into The Light is concise and to the point.  The whole work runs about 27 minutes.  That’s not to say it does not pack a punch, because it does, and I’m very proud of that.  ITL explores my love for old RnB, in particular 70s grooves and bass lines.  Additionally, it has a hip hop feel with some of the beats used, as well as Asian and Spanish overtones in some of the melodies.  I just love and am influenced by so many different syles of music that it’s hare to stick to one thing….Still, it is a work I’m very pleased with, particularly because it was my first official release.  Black Rain is a whole different animal.  It is much darker in tone, and I would say more mellow in certain respects, and I give myself the leisure to develop the songs a bit more….it is definitely not as concise as ITL, running at almost 40 minutes. What I really love about it is that I gave this album more texture, doing more with string parts and even some horn arrangements.  It still has that retro feel, but it is very different, incorporating more Jazz, Bossa, and Neo-Soul elements.  RnB is always at the core though, which is a strong root in what I do.  I really hope people enjoy the new album like I do.”

Asked what his proudest or favorite moment of the album, he replied:

“My favorite musical moment in the album happens in the 4th track, Rescue Me.  My daughter, Sofia, plays keyboards on this tune and I love the B section after the 2 and a half minute mark where she start interacting with the guitar melody….it is just sublime. Her choices were so tasty….I just shake my head in wonder every time I listen to it.”

Any last thought?

“I just hope people enjoy this…and please, follow me on Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp, etc. haha. It really helps to see people are listening.”

R.A. Fiallos Spotify:

Into The Light – New Album!


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The end of 2020 saw the release of my new album, Into The Light.  I felt like I had to do something artistically worthwhile during the pandemic, so I decided, why not start actually publishing my music? I finished several music sketches that had been gathering dust and I composed a few more tunes.  I purposely kept the album short and sweet–easily digestible and enjoyable.  It is available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms.  Give it a listen at my Bandcamp site if you want to preview it (and give me a follow while you’re there to keep informed on my new music).  Very much appreciated!

Glad you found your way here!

R. A. Fiallos